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Ripples the interdisciplinary performance piece dives into the worlds of lesbian childhood, queer dreaming and queer parenting. Unearthing and reclaiming queerness from erasure and lack of representation: Ripples invites its audience members to question the dominant narratives that accompany youth, reproduction and aging. As the first part of a performative queer family album, the performance merges the past, present and future. Shadowed, shimmering and liquefied- Ripples resists, reclaims and conjures a hopeful, grounded queer future.


01 Jul, 20:55 – 21:25

02 Jul, 19:45 - 20:15


Studio 3


Katie Lee Dunbar (UK/Berlin) is a non-binary, queer feminist performance maker, educator and researcher. They deal with topics of disparity, intimacy and the intersection between the personal and political. Katie's work focuses on voice, memory, movement, sound, text and installation, in international festivals, exhibitions, theatres and public space. Their collective work centres around maintaining non-oppressive spaces for exchange. In projects such as: arted, MPA Berlin, NginPA, by co-founding Reflektor, mitkollektiv and in the curation of the podcast Blue Print.

Instagram @katieleedunbar

Eli Gale (She/Her) is a Jewish lesbian interdisciplinary performance artist and aspiring academic originally from New York State. Gale has a BFA in Theatre and Development from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. Her academic research and art practice endeavours to challenge and investigate social constructions of gender and sexuality and integrate Jewish and LGBTQIA+ histories, presents and futures.

Instagram @elllllli_

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